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How to take part in Orienteering World Cup

There are two spectator events during the Orienteering World Cup 8.-11.6.2019. The first takes place in Vihti in the terrain of Nuuksio and the second in Helsinki. Both events offers a great opportunity to see and live top-level orienteering up close.

During the spectator event in Vihti, Helsinki O-Games will provide an unique opportunity for the spectators to experience the beautiful Finnish terrains while following the performances of world class athletes.  There will be also an opportunity to try orienteering on 11th June at the Senate Square in Helsinki.

The main event in the 11th June  is the World Cup Sprint Relay at 17.55-18.50. The best way to follow the race is from the steps of the Helsinki Cathedral, where you can see the start, exchanges and the finish of the race. From the big screen you can also see the competition moments in the nearby quarters. The award ceremony is held at 19.00-19:10.

Photo by City of Helsinki


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