7th June 11:00-13:00, Model, Middle Distance, Vihti

8th June 9:15-15:55, Middle Distance, Vihti

9th June 10:10-12:40, Long Distance, Chase Start, Vihti

1oth June 13:00-14:30 Model, Sprint, Helsinki

11th June 17:45-19:00 Sprint Relay, Helsinki

Preliminary timetables for the World Cup are:

Saturday 8th middle distance: quarantine opens at 9 and last competitors in finish 15.55
Sunday 9th chase start: quarantine opens at 9.30 and the last competitors in finish 12.40
Tuesday 11th sprint relay: quarantine opens at 16.15 and competition ends about 18.45

All these times are preliminary and changes may occur mostly due to telecasting of the events.

Spectator Races (Middle and Long) on 8th-9th June