Thank you all for the amazing atmosphere in Vihti and Helsinki

Orienteering World Cup Round 1 8th-11th June in Vihti and in Helsinki has been completed. Now is time to convey the experiences of the organizers of the three top-level orienteering competitions.

The main feeling is it was great to be a member of Helsingin Suunnistajat orienteering club in World Cup in Vihti and at the Senate Square in Helsinki, says Jouko Lahtinen, the Chairman of the club. Lahtinen says that the feedback from the international supervisor of the event Göran Andersson and the General Secretary of IOF Tom Hollowell has been great to hear. Both Andersson and Hollowell mentioned that the Sprint Relay was one of the best ever organised sprint competitions and they also praised the atmosphere in the sprint arena.

Lahtinen and Pekka Väisänen, the Competition Director, would like to thank all the athletes, orienteers and spectators who participated in the events during the world cup for creating this great and supportive atmosphere.

Jouko Lahtinen, Pekka Väisänen


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Sweden won the Sprint Relay

Team Sweden won the Sprint Relay at the Senate Square in Helsinki. Tove Alexandersson took the lead already at the first control and thereafter the other teams could not catch the Sweden. Switzerland took the 2nd place before the Czech Republic.

1. Sweden Tove Alexandersson, Emil Svensk, Gustav Bergman, Karolin Ohlsson

2. Switzerland Simona Aebersold, Matthias Kyburz, Daniel Hubmaan, Elena Roos

3. Czech Republic Denisa Kosova, Milos Nykodym, Vojtech Kral, Tereza Janosikova



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Gustav Bergman for the double win in World Cup opening round

The day was Swedish orienteers’ day, as both women and men pursuits ended with the Swedish victories in Nuuksio National Park terrain in Vihti. Gustav Bergman started the first to forest, like Tove Alexandersson, and he was able to add distance more than a minute compared to Frederic Tranchand who finished the second today.

The 13.4 km race ended with a fierce final battle of the third place as Miika Kirmula from Finland and Magne Daehli from Norway measured their strenghts in the last kilometers and they only got the difference of a orienteering shoe compared to each other.



Photo by Jarmo Koskela

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Tove Alexandersson ran convincingly for a victory in women’s Pursuit.

Tove Alexandersson did not give the chasers a chance, and orienteered to the victory in women’s long distance Pursuit. Marika Teini, who finished the second, continued her well started season and rose to the second position in Pursuit. Kamilla Olaussen, the Norwegian, who finished third, was to reach Teini before the map change. “I saw Kamilla started to turn to the slope control so I just tried to concentrate my own performance in the end and it was enough”, Teini said.


Results >>

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Press release from the International Orienteering Federation 2019-06-08

Sweden double in World Cup Middle distance

Tove Alexandersson, Sweden began her new World Cup season in emphatic style with a win by more than 1½ minutes in the Middle race in Finland today. Her compatriot Gustav Bergman was a clear winner in the men’s race.

Alexandersson lost 10-15 seconds around control 9 of the 17-control course, but otherwise ran the course without error and was fastest throughout. Second was the Russian Natalia Gemperle, and third local favourite Marika Teini, 2 minutes down.

In hot and sunny conditions, many mistakes were made out on the course. One of the most notable was by the young Swiss athlete Simona Aebersold, new to the senior ranks, who got off line and too low on the penultimate downhill leg, after being second fastest to Alexandersson throughout the course up to that point. She then doubled back in the finish field, wrongly believing she had over-run the last control, and these added lost seconds left her in 9th place, 3.50 down.

In the men’s race, Bergman was also fastest at the intermediate points, whereas second-placed Frederic Tranchand, France came up from being 4th after 2.1 km. Third and fourth places went to the Norwegians Olav Lundanes and Magne Dæhli. Bergman’s winning margin was 1.03, and there was a further 28 seconds down to third place.

Defending World Cup champion Matthias Kyburz, Switzerland made a significant early error and was 44th after 2.1 km; he ran well after that and finished 11th, 2.57 down on the winner.

Tomorrow is Long distance with chase start, start times based on today’s results. The leading athletes today have bonus seconds deducted from their time in determining tomorrow’s start times. In Alexandersson’s case this is 120 seconds compared to Natalia Gemperle’s 90, so Alexandersson will start into the forest with a lead of over 2 minutes.

Leading results, Middle distance

Tove Alexandersson SWE 29:54
Natalia Gemperle RUS 31:32
Marika Teini FIN 31:53
Karolin Ohlsson SWE 32:03
Kamilla Olaussen NOR 32:29
Venla Harju FIN 32:30

Gustav Bergman SWE 30:20
Frederic Tranchand FRA 31:23
Olav Lundanes NOR 31.51
Magne Dæhli NOR 31:56
Martin Regborn SWE 32:10
Daniel Hubmann SUI 32:25

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Tove Alexandersson won the first Word Cup race of season

Tove Alexandersson told before the race, that the “World Cup is one of my most important goals during the year”.  After expressing her goals she won the first World Cup race of season by almost two minutes. The second place took Natalia Gemperle 1.38 after Tove and Marika Teini finished at the third place 1.59 behind the winner.

    1.  Tove Alexandersson Sweden 29.54
    2.  Natalia Gemperle Russian Federation 31.32
    3. Marika Teini Finland 31.53
    4. Karolin Ohlsson Sweden
    5. Kamilla Olaussen Norway 32.59
    6. Venla Harju Finland 32.30

Photos by Jarmo Koskela

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Welcome to Nuuksio National Park!

Orienteering World Cup round 1 takes place in the scenic Nuuksio Lake Highlands, and a large part of the competition area locates within the boundaries of the Nuuksio National Park, founded in 1994, with an area of 55km2.

Nuuksio National Park is a green oasis in the Helsinki capital region. The landscape is dominated by valleys and gorges formed by the Ice Age, and barren rocky hills covered by lichen and sparse pine forest. At some places the hills reach the height of 110 metres above the sea level. The rocks descend vertically or step by step to damp gorges, which are dominated by moist forests, and spruce and pine mires. Under the water seeping cliffs, the dense spruce forests are cool, damp and dim. There are over 80 little lakes and ponds inside Nuuksio National Park.

The emblem species of the Nuuksio National Parks is Flying Squirrel – the population in Nuuksio is one of the densest Flying Squirrel populations found in Finland. There are almost 200 places, where they live in the park. It mostly moves about by gliding from trees, using a flap of loose skin that connects its back and front limbs. It can glide up to 75 metres.

National parks are extensive areas with the main objective of ensuring natural values and giving people the opportunity to relax and enjoy nature. The Nuuksio National Park, like many of Finland’s 40 national parks, is the iconic landmark in our country, and in terms of visitor numbers it is the second most popular National Park with 343 700 visitors during 2018.

Orienteers can also enjoy on their own way Nuuksio and other spectacular national parks – when we do it responsibly. I am very pleased that orienteering event organizer, Helsingin
Suunnistajat, has taken the natural values carefully into account in good cooperation with the National Park management, Metsähallitus, Parks and Wildlife Finland. In practice, this means that the controls are not placed in sensitive nature areas, and the courses are planned so that they bypass the habitats of wilderness species, such as capercaillie, that need peace for nesting. The competition’s traffic arrangements and the location of the competition center are also exemplary solutions that take into account nature values and other hikers in the area.

On behalf of the Nuuksio National Park, I wish all organizers, competitors and spectators a great orienteering event in Nuuksio National Park!

Harri Karjalainen
National Park Director
Parks and Wildlife Finland / Metsähallitus

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The World Cup brings orienteering to the streets and parks of Helsinki

From Nuuksio National Park into the heart of Helsinki 

The World Cup of Orienteering opens the season in Finland in June. From an international point of view, this is a very significant orienteering event in Finland, along with the other top-level orienteering events this year and of course the Jukola relay. The Middle distance and the Chase start competition will be competed in Vihti in the scenery of Nuuksio National Park 8th-9th June, and the Sprint Relay at the Senate Square in Helsinki 11th June.

The Finnish team is exceptionally large at the opening of the season and the team also includes Mårten Boström who won the World Championship for Sprint orienteering in 2013. The public has a unique opportunity to see and experience this top event also at the Senate Square, when Finland faces other world’s best orienteering teams in the heart of Helsinki. World Cup competitions include 28 countries and 284 athletes, and YLE’s TV broadcasts will follow the summery orienteering festival on site.

It is expected to have 5 to 10 thousand spectators at the Senate Square to testify the landing of orienteering at the heart of Helsinki. The Sprint Relay will be competed at the Senate Square 11th June from 17.45 to 19.00. The competition can best be followed by the Cathedral stairs from where you can see the start, relay changes and the finish. Also YLE will broadcast decisive moments of the competition on the big screen on site. After the ceremony at 19.10, everyone can test their own skills in open sprint orienteering on a race map.

World Champion of Sprint Orienteering Mårten Boström:

”Everyone to the Square on 11th June! Orienteers are not used to big crowds – as the most of the races are held deep in the woods. Now it is a unique opportunity for both us athletes and you the audience to see the best of the world best orienteers in the heart of Helsinki. The engouragement of the home audience can be a real benefit for the home team!

Mårten Boström, Photo by Matleena Boström

Seven-time World Champion of Orienteering from Sweden Tove Alexandersson:

“ I had a good winter season, which I ended in World Championships at the end of March. The transition to orienteering has been very smooth, but in recent months I have paid the most attention to terrain training, and in World Cup now Finland is the first major race, except for 10 Mila.

The World Cup is one of my most important goals during the year, so it’s important to me. There are always very good competitions and interesting orienteering in Finland, so I look forward to these competitions. Of course, the world championship is my biggest goal and what I modulate to my practising, but I hope that I can be in a good shape and I can succeed well in competitions in Finland.”

Tove Alexandersson, Photo by Sven Alexandersson



The article photo, Sven Alexandersson


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This is how you follow the World Cup at Helsinki-O-Games

Participants in Helsinki-O-Games have an excellent opportunity to follow the World Cup competition and its decisive moments on the spot

On Saturday 8th June the video screen of the competition arena shows the full range of women’s and men’s World Cup middle distance competition with the television controls and GPS tracking. The ceremony will take place in the arena directly after the results have been resolved.

On Sunday 9th June there is an exceptional opportunity to see the men’s and women’s chase starts and the decisive moments of the competitions. You can follow this all from the video screen on the spot.

The starts lists and the results of the competitions:

Schedule, Saturday


Middle distance Women first start 9:15
Women last start 12:15
Women decisive moments 12:15-12:55
Ceremony right after the competition has been finished


Men Middle distance first start 12:20
Men last start 15:20
Men decisive moments 15:20-15:55
Ceremony right after the competition has been finished

Schedule, Sunday


Women chase start lead starts 10:10
Women lead in spectator control 11:00
Decisive moments and the winner on the finishing line 11:10
Ceremony directly after the competition has been finished


Men chase start lead starts 11:25
Men lead in spectator control 12:30
Decisive moments and the winner on the finishing line 12:40
Ceremony directly after the competition has been finished

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