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World Cup is an important milestone on the way to the World Championships: spectator race creates an atmosphere alongside the world elite

This year is a great opportunity to experience orienteering alongside the world elite in June, first in Helsinki O-Games in Vihti and a few days later in the center of Helsinki at Senate Square. This is also known by Petteri Kähäri, Head Coach of the Finnish Orienteering Federation, who tells about the preparation of athletes for the season and the World Cup selection process. World Cup competitions in Finland tops off in a sprint relay in the center of Helsinki and Kähäri is also waiting for a great sports event at the “big church”.

The World Cup and the summer races are approaching. An important milestone seems to be the opening of the World Cup in Vihti and the Senate Square in Helsinki. How are the athletes prepared for the coming season?

The coaching of our top athletes during the basic training period has gone without major grief. Based on test results, many have taken the big steps forward. In January-April, the national team’s camp has been slightly different from previous years. We had two joint camps with a young national team in Portugal and Italy, and two camp centers in Portugal and Norway, organized by the top clubs. In addition, top athletes have spent tens of days in their club camps as well as in their own camps.

What is the significance of the World Cup for athletes?

For top athletes, World Championships are naturally first goal of the season, but World Cups have also a place in goal setting for athletes. The World Cup overall competition itself – or, for example, the top 10-20 ranking – is a goal for a few, but individual races are more relevant to many in regards of giving international display and career development. It will certainly be a tough competition in June, especially in terms of forest competition. When considering the WOC held only 2 months after the competitions in Nuuksio, these races will give excellent insight on the potential capabilities of the athletes as the terrain is quite relevant to that in Norway. A strong show in Nuuksio is a “tough currency” for the World Championships. The autumn MC tour in Switzerland and in China are sprint orientered and the focus has been shifted more or less towards the sprint.

What do you think about the fact that Finnish top orienteers meet other world tops at Senate Square in the center of Helsinki?

The fact that you are running an international orienteering race at the heart of Helsinki is a great thing in itself and an opportunity to bring out orienteering as a sport. There will certainly be thousands of people on the spot, which will bring a unique feeling to the race. The encouragement of the home audience a great support for our own athletes. Whether you are a more or less experienced athlete, focusing on your own performance is ultimately the essential thing even in the middle of the crowd and all the encouraging. The area itself is certainly not so familiar to many of our athletes that it would bring the actual benefit. While preparing for the sprint race, there is a more equal position with others: old maps and aerial photos are available to everyone.

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Media Accreditation, World Cup Helsinki Finland

You need to have an accreditation in order to work in the media. Media accreditation is open in IOF Eventor until 31.5.2019 ( Information concerning the approval of the accreditation will be send by email. The Media ID cards and Photo vests are delivered for the accredited representatives of the media.

Preferred accommodations, see and (accommodation).

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The orienteering World cup sprint relay is coming to the Senate Square in Helsinki: The town centre will host a race for the top athletes in both men and women

The first round of the orienteering world cup will consist of three competitions held in Finland from the 8th until the 11th of June 2019. After the middle distance and chasing start competitions in Vihti, the location will move to the historic town centre of Helsinki to battle for the world cup points in the form of a sprint relay.

The competition centre for the sprint relay is the Senate Square in Helsinki. No previous national or international competition has ever been held from this location. The race format is a sprint relay consisting of four legs so that the women will start and finish, while the men will run the two legs between. The competition will start on Tuesday the 11th of June 2019 at 5:58 pm with a mass start and will last about an hour.

The sprint relay will bring the orienteering community right in the heart of the city among the people. This race format is spectator friendly, flashy and a very rapid competition, where the key is to find the fastest way while maintaining the highest speed. Winning this race requires calm nerves throughout the race.

The competition area for the sprint relay is open for spectators and competitors. This means that all athletes competing in the sprint relay have the chance to visit the area and move freely through it, however training in the area is strictly prohibited. Two weeks prior the race the area is closed for all athletes. [see outline of the embargoed area below]

The organisers offer an open orienteering event in the city centre of Helsinki for all levels from beginners, to active orienteers and even families.

“A part of a lively city are its various and new events”, comments the vice mayor of Helsinki city Nazima Razmyar. “Citizens of Helsinki actively seek sporting activities where they can participate themselves without boundaries. In terms of tourism, this kind of event increases the energy and attraction of Helsinki, which made it easy to be a part of this project”.


Translated by Janne Heikkinen

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Welcome to Finland

On behalf of the Finnish Orienteering Federation I am pleased to welcome all of you to Finland to the opening round of the orienteering World Cup season 2019. City of Helsinki and organizing club Helsingin Suunnistajat will offer excellent forest and sprint races for you. As always, Finnish national TV Company YLE will broadcast live all the races. The World biggest orienteering relay event Jukola will be organized only few days after World Cup and you can smoothly connect Jukola to your orienteering experience of Finnish Summer. I hope, that you will enjoy your stay in our beautiful country.

See you all next June in Finland!

Mika Ilomäki

Managing Director

Finnish Orienteering Federation


Photo: Finnish Orienteering Federation

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Terrain description

The competitors can expect a rare, complex and an outstanding piece of terrain

The terrain consists of coniferous spruce forest with great visibility and magnificent open bedrock spruce hilltops. In between these hilltops are small swamps and bogs, with decreased runnability. Overall the runnability in this terrain varies from good to even excellent. There are no areas of recently cleared forest.

One of the major obstacles in the terrain is a few very rocky slopes with fallen trees caused by natural hazards. They will offer a degree of difficulty to route choices. There is a relatively fair amount of outdoor paths and roads. There are some marked “main” hiking routes, but in general the amount of small paths is minimal.

In terms of elevation, there is some variation in the area. Towards the west, the topography is most variable. In a valley between Tervalampi and Poikkipuoliainen, flows the Siuntio river. The east side of this valley rises approximately 40-50 meters quite steeply. Following this steep climb, the terrain holds a steady undulating terrain throughout. Most of the orienteering terrain is in the area is not typical to the rest of the terrain found in Nuuksio, where you can find relatively flat ground with steadily rising hills with exposed bedrock.

Where the terrain is flat, the orienteer will be capable of moving very fast in places, since the ground is hard and the visibility is excellent.

Orienteering-wise, the terrain challenges competitors with many aspects. Finding the perfect balance between speed and navigation in this type of terrain will be a great test to the runners.

The planners for the forest competitions are Hannu Lammi (world cup), Janne Heikkinen (HOG) and Mikko Laakso (HOG). The planner for the sprint relay, Atte Lahtinen will give his comments on the race in the following issue of Suunnistaja magazine.


Translated by Janne Heikkinen

Photos: Markku Brummer (article photo) Hannu Lammi (map images)

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Interview with Elias Kuukka

The first round of the Orienteering World Cup 2019 will be held in Southern Finland between June 8th and June 11th. The public event, Helsinki O-Games, will provide a unique opportunity for the spectators to experience the beautiful Finnish terrains while following the performances of world class athletes. How do you feel about that?

”It is really nice to see a major spectator race in conjunction with the world cup. It means that there will be a great number of Finns all over, including from my home club of Tampereen Pyrintö to cheer me on and compete on their own. Finishing the race in front of a roaring crowd is a fantastic feeling.”

“This World Cup is one of my main aims for the season with World Championships and major relays being up there as well. It is important to me that this first round of the world cup will be held in Finland, where I have the chance to set my level against the best orienteers in the world. Having this competition in a familiar terrain will be a great checkpoint for me before the world championships in Norway.”

Translated by Janne Heikkinen

Photo: Finnish Orienteering Federation

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The organizers provide a possibility for national teams to book accommodation for the time of Orienteering World Cup from Kisakallio Sports Institute, the World Cup Event Centre in Lohja. Kisakallio offers a wide range of accommodation alternatives from single person hotel rooms to dormitory rooms for up to seven persons. Half board (breakfast and dinner) is included in all accommodation types. The prices of the accommodation vary from 45 € to 130 € /per person/night. More detailed informati-on about accommodation types and prices are provided at the reservation page: Kisakallio reservation page

The deadline set to national teams by Kisakallio for booking the accommodation is April 29th.

Hotel Katajarinne

Hotel Katajarinne consists of four separate buildings. Each building has its own unique color and decoration theme. The hotel complex is only two hundred meters away from the main building. Each room in hotel Katajarinne is suitable for a single person and all the way up to a five person group. All rooms are equipped with modern furniture and appliances.

Photos: Kisakallio Sports Institute

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