The World Cup brings orienteering to the streets and parks of Helsinki

//The World Cup brings orienteering to the streets and parks of Helsinki

The World Cup brings orienteering to the streets and parks of Helsinki

From Nuuksio National Park into the heart of Helsinki 

The World Cup of Orienteering opens the season in Finland in June. From an international point of view, this is a very significant orienteering event in Finland, along with the other top-level orienteering events this year and of course the Jukola relay. The Middle distance and the Chase start competition will be competed in Vihti in the scenery of Nuuksio National Park 8th-9th June, and the Sprint Relay at the Senate Square in Helsinki 11th June.

The Finnish team is exceptionally large at the opening of the season and the team also includes Mårten Boström who won the World Championship for Sprint orienteering in 2013. The public has a unique opportunity to see and experience this top event also at the Senate Square, when Finland faces other world’s best orienteering teams in the heart of Helsinki. World Cup competitions include 28 countries and 284 athletes, and YLE’s TV broadcasts will follow the summery orienteering festival on site.

It is expected to have 5 to 10 thousand spectators at the Senate Square to testify the landing of orienteering at the heart of Helsinki. The Sprint Relay will be competed at the Senate Square 11th June from 17.45 to 19.00. The competition can best be followed by the Cathedral stairs from where you can see the start, relay changes and the finish. Also YLE will broadcast decisive moments of the competition on the big screen on site. After the ceremony at 19.10, everyone can test their own skills in open sprint orienteering on a race map.

World Champion of Sprint Orienteering Mårten Boström:

”Everyone to the Square on 11th June! Orienteers are not used to big crowds – as the most of the races are held deep in the woods. Now it is a unique opportunity for both us athletes and you the audience to see the best of the world best orienteers in the heart of Helsinki. The engouragement of the home audience can be a real benefit for the home team!

Mårten Boström, Photo by Matleena Boström

Seven-time World Champion of Orienteering from Sweden Tove Alexandersson:

“ I had a good winter season, which I ended in World Championships at the end of March. The transition to orienteering has been very smooth, but in recent months I have paid the most attention to terrain training, and in World Cup now Finland is the first major race, except for 10 Mila.

The World Cup is one of my most important goals during the year, so it’s important to me. There are always very good competitions and interesting orienteering in Finland, so I look forward to these competitions. Of course, the world championship is my biggest goal and what I modulate to my practising, but I hope that I can be in a good shape and I can succeed well in competitions in Finland.”

Tove Alexandersson, Photo by Sven Alexandersson



The article photo, Sven Alexandersson


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