Terrain description

//Terrain description

Terrain description

The competitors can expect a rare, complex and an outstanding piece of terrain

The terrain consists of coniferous spruce forest with great visibility and magnificent open bedrock spruce hilltops. In between these hilltops are small swamps and bogs, with decreased runnability. Overall the runnability in this terrain varies from good to even excellent. There are no areas of recently cleared forest.

One of the major obstacles in the terrain is a few very rocky slopes with fallen trees caused by natural hazards. They will offer a degree of difficulty to route choices. There is a relatively fair amount of outdoor paths and roads. There are some marked “main” hiking routes, but in general the amount of small paths is minimal.

In terms of elevation, there is some variation in the area. Towards the west, the topography is most variable. In a valley between Tervalampi and Poikkipuoliainen, flows the Siuntio river. The east side of this valley rises approximately 40-50 meters quite steeply. Following this steep climb, the terrain holds a steady undulating terrain throughout. Most of the orienteering terrain is in the area is not typical to the rest of the terrain found in Nuuksio, where you can find relatively flat ground with steadily rising hills with exposed bedrock.

Where the terrain is flat, the orienteer will be capable of moving very fast in places, since the ground is hard and the visibility is excellent.

Orienteering-wise, the terrain challenges competitors with many aspects. Finding the perfect balance between speed and navigation in this type of terrain will be a great test to the runners.

The planners for the forest competitions are Hannu Lammi (world cup), Janne Heikkinen (HOG) and Mikko Laakso (HOG). The planner for the sprint relay, Atte Lahtinen will give his comments on the race in the following issue of Suunnistaja magazine.


Translated by Janne Heikkinen

Photos: Markku Brummer (article photo) Hannu Lammi (map images)

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